Bathroom Design to elevate your home!

So, have you ever taken a vacation at a top-rated hotel? If so, you’ve probably wished to experience that same level of luxury and style in your very own home.

Well, now you can! So, get yourself an impeccable bathroom design by Custom Kitchen & Bath! In short, our skillful team will redesign and remodel your bathroom for improved function and appearance, including the bathtub, shower, vanity, and flooring.

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stone tile shower
A transparent modern stand-up shower
A bathtub in a bathroom
An modern wooden stand-up shower

Design your dream bathroom

Consult Custom Kitchen & Bath the best bathroom remodeling in Newburgh & Evansville, IN. Custom Kitchen & Bath will help make your home everything you ever imagined it could be. So, are you looking for a dazzling kitchen or bathroom? Rather, perhaps, a cutting-edge home entertainment system? If so, you’ll find that we’re the team with the high-level skills to complete a bathroom design job correctly.

Additional Features:

Bring your bathroom to the next level with additional features that raise the overall value of your home, and add ease to your daily routine.